Saturday, October 11, 2014

10.06.2014 Pictures

Yes, I am awkwardly in the middle, but IN N OUT is thee best!

10.06.2014 Email

Wow this week has just been GREAT. 
I feel SO blessed and SO loved from all ya'll. So thanks for the letters and emails. I have the best family ever, no doubt:)

So Monday was a great pday, we played ping pong with the other elders in our apartment. It was really great and,  wow!  I forgot how good I was at ping pong, haha jk.. but no really.  I love ping pong.
That night we had a lesson with this guy named Jose. He is so funny and just laughs at all of his own jokes. The first time we met him we thought he was probably drunk, but I think that is his personality, he LOVES us. 

Tuesday was district meeting. Our district is the best district EVER! Our district leader has been out for one transfer less than us and he is training a new missionary. Then the other companionship is an elder that just finished his training and is second half training. So yeah, Me and Hermana Greenhalgh are the oldest in our district.. say whaat???  It's crazy, I think we are the youngest district out of every mission. But we had our entire district meeting in Spanish which was really fun! Then we had some super great lessons with some super great peeps. Also got a referral from one of our investigators which was a MIRACLE.   

Wednesday we found a former investigator. (kind of on accident, but that always happens to us) She is really nice, she talks so extremely quiet i don't even know what she says half the time. But her husband loves us, he had a stroke, and so he can't talk very well or move very much. He talks Spanish and English.. i don't know if he realizes he is speaking both at the same time or not.. but it's really funny. 

Thursday, we were a trio for a day with Hermana Rawlings, she is Sister Schroeders new companion. We went to Eloy and hunted down all of the less actives that live out there. Well tried to anyways. WHY DOES NOBODY COME TO CHURCH. We actually found this lady named Rosa who is really nice. She has been to the temple and everything but then just stopped coming to church because it is too far away. sheesh mujer!

Friday we had weekly planning and then went to In N Out with the other sisters. After we had a really good lesson with Margarita. We brought one of our members with us and they ended up already knowing each other from years before. It was great! Actually side note: everybody knows this lady because her and her husband have a barber shop and her husband is like secretly famous. They are in our ward and EVERYBODY loves them. His name is Frank Mejia. go look him up on the internet or something because apparently he has been in a bunch of movies. I guess a couple weeks ago he went to Frank Sinatra's birthday party hahahah idk something like that.) Anyways, Margarita is awesome. She loves talking with us and learning more about our church. We gave her the Book of Mormon and the next time we went over she said she had read to chapter 13 in 1 Nephi! That does not just happen. The only thing is that she is really hung up on prophets, so yeah we are hoping we can get over that real fast!
We had a really good lesson that night with a Hermano Favela in our ward. We have been going by to see his friend and his wife every friday night and having lessons with them. They are really nice! At first they we super stand-offish, but they are actually starting to open up to us more now. 

Saturday, CONFERENCE. Oh my gosh.  Can I just say that I absolutely love General Conference? I LOVE IT. I can't even express in words how amazing it is. We went to the church to watch it and the first session was for some reason in sign language. So we had some guy occupying 1/3 of the screen signing while there was a little screen in the back with the person actually speaking. I am sorry but it was so hard to concentrate and stay focused. But good news, I know a lot of sign language now!

But really, all the sessions were so great. I learned SO MUCH. Seriously,  so many of my questions were answered and I just felt the spirit so strong! The last session on Sunday margarita showed up! We were so excited that she actually came. And Elder Bednars talk was PERFECTO for her! I think she really enjoyed it, we haven't seen her since, but I am excited to talk to her and see what she thought about it. 

Anyways, listening to Conference this week has been such a BLESSING. I really know that we are so blessed and it is such a privilege to be able to listen to the Prophet of our church speak to us. And all of his apostles as well. I know that for me, i really received so many answers to my prayers and I was able to receive so much revelation for me and for my investigators. I have felt the spirit and Heavenly Father's love for me so strong the last few days, it has been such a great experience. 
I love General Conference. I love President Monson. I love this church and I LOVE being a missionary. Even though it is not all easy.. it is SO worth it. 
So I would say that if you didn't have a chance to watch all of the sessions of conference, go back and watch them ALL!  
I hope you all have a very wonderful week. Love you!