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04.24.2014 Email

Dear Family, 

Okay so first things first, Mom- the scripture for my plaque is 2 samuel and my pic i want is the one i ordered that's the same as the one on the stairs.
But anyways. Jk I didn't almost die. but i was close.
THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE. I survived. It was so crazy. I've never been in a real earthquake before! We were all just in class and then these really loud alarms started going off and everyone was so confused what was happening then we had to hurry and run outside and stand in these panic circles. At first we were like what the heck this is nothing, but then all of a sudden the light post next to us started swaying and then we saw the trees swaying back and forth! it was seriously crazy, it was the weirdest feeling, I felt like i was standing on a boat! There wasn't any damage though at the MTC, but there was in the city I guess, The earthquake was a 7.5 apparently! Then a few days later we were standing outside after lunch and the alarms went off again and we just see all these massive swarms of elders book it to the panic circles, but it was just a test haha it was so funny though!
 Also, our investigator was not a real investigator, he actually turned out to be our teacher now. we don't actually start teaching real investigators for a few more weeks. Which  will be really scary!
Saturday was a good day, we had pizza for dinner and it was the weirdest but best thing ever because what pizza? it wasn't even tuesday! #bestdayever 

Sunday we had like 5 devotionals all day long it felt like. So we didn't have to give talks thankgoodness. #bestdayeveragain. We went to relief society first, then we had sacrament with everyone, because usually we only do it with our zones, and that was good, they had a live devotional from the Provo MTC by Uchtdorf. It was really great! and i am so mad because i left my bag in my room so i don't have any notes with me that i took! But he mainly just talked about being persistent in the field and not giving up. Then later that evening we had another devotional live again from provo and I can't remember who it was! ahh we have so many devotionals its hard to keep track! But obviously it was great too. Then every sunday night we watch a movie, this sunday we watched a movie about the building of the Salt Lake Temple. Then they do this little farewell thing for everyone that leaves that week. And after everybody goes outside and the all the Tongans (because theres a lot) do the haka. Then everyone gets pictures with each other. But the mission presidents are way strict and he banned the haka because i guess it drives away the spirit. so now we cant even take pictures outside with the people who are leaving.. so that is kind of sad.
But anyways, This week went by pretty fast, each day goes by pretty slow, but the weeks go by pretty fast. It's super weird. Monday me and my companion had the worst lesson of our lives. We have two investigator now, and they are both our teachers. But we had our first lesson with one of them and we had the first lesson planned out to teach him, but when we got there he just kept asking us why his family was happy going to church (because his family is LDS) and we were  trying to explain to him why, but its hard in spanish because obviously we don't even know spanish yet! and then my companion kept trying to tell a story about why church made her happy and he kept cutting her off. It was super annoying. So yeah we didn't even teach anything from our lesson, it was awful. But tonight we have another lesson with our other teacher, so hopefully that goes better! 
Tuesday was great because it was American Tuesday! We call it American Tuesday because we eat american food, and we don't have lessons on tuesday nights because we have another devotional. Devotionals are so fun because we all sit and share candy as we listen. This week we had Dallin H. Oaks talk. And his wife talked also, and she was actually really good, probably the best woman speaker we've heard so far. Something really awesome that Dallin H. Oaks said was, "the Lord helps those who help themselves" and he talked about how we cant just expect the Lord to do all the work for us, but he will help us when we try our best. He also said, "don't expect to get a thank you, this work isn't about you." Which was also great because that's super humbling, we're hear to convert others and help others come unto Christ. That's our job!
Wednesday went by so super fast i don't really remember it. So it was raining before the devotional and this kid Elder Yoni that we have become pretty good friends with was running to make it inside and he totally biffed it on one of the panic circles because they are SO slippery when they are wet (i also almost biffed it once) and anyways. He got a hole in is suit! It was the funniest thing of my life. So now he has to go into town to get a new suit because that was the only one he brought.
Anyways, they have the best candy here at the Tienda. seriously everyone just hangs out at eh tienda all the time and buys food. They have these suckers, i don't even know what they are called, but they are SO good. And they are only 1 peso which means that they are like 15 cents. So i bought like 20 the other day. Don't worry I haven't eaten them all yet! The other day me and Hermana Dogde, Voyles and Rust went to the tienda during gym then we were in there for so long we just decided not to go to gym so we sat out on the picnic tables and ate our food. I know i felt like such a fatty that day but oh well. Gym is really fun because its so nice to have like an hour of the day to not have to worry about anything. I usually play basketball with some of the elders from my district and another district. Me and Hermana Dodge are the only girls that usually play and sometimes Hermana Rust and Voyles will play. We can't play a game though because its like physical contact, so we usually just shoot hoops or play lightning; It was so awesome because the other day I beat all the Elders in lightning! They all underestimated my Church ball skills. But now they know.  
So it rains every single day. And when I say rain, i don't just mean like oh look it's raining outside. I mean it POURS. like if you get caught outside in the rain you are dead meat. And there is huge thunder and lightning and the power always goes out! It's especially super awkward when the power goes out and you're in the middle of a lesson with an investigator... or the other day it went out when we were at home and Hermana Rust was in the shower. So Hermana Voyles had to search for her flashlight in the dark then run in to the bathroom to shine the light on Hermana Rust while she finished showering. It was the best thing ever. But yeah, you can count on the power going out at least once a day when it storms.
So all the Hermanas in our house are freaking out because we came home from gym yesterday and in every single room the top left bunk was messed with. Like it was so weird when we realized Hermana Rust's bed was messed up. Her bed is always perfect in the morning when she makes it and her blanket was messed up and she sheets were pulled out of the bed. So we were like maybe someone came to clean her sheets? but then her sheets weren't changed! so it was just really weird. And then the other hermanas in another room came in and were like um, did you guys make my bed? Because she didn't make her bed and it was made nicely! Then in another room there is a three some companionship and the top bunk that no one uses was messed up! How weird and creepy huh! so all the other girls think that our house is haunted or something. Which i think is so stupid to be thinking about. And it doesn't help that the Elders are convinced that there house is haunted too. Apparently they wake up with like cuts on their hands and this one Elder has this bite mark on the bottom of his foot. And they SWEAR they aren't lying. So yeah, kind of scary stuff. 
Anyways, I can't tell if the food here is getting better or if I'm just getting used to it. The past few days have actually been alright. But my companion still gets sick from it. She's been sick like this whole time we've been here. I feel bad. Also though, I don't think I have gone to the bathroom so many times in my life. I drink SO much water it's crazy. the elevation is so different here. The other day me and my companion ran back to our house because i forgot my name tag and we literally ran for like 2 minutes and we both were  having asthma attacks. After meals we all hang around this bench. it was originally Hermana Voyles and Hermana Rust's 'people watching bench' but it kind of got taken over by all of us. We have these AWFUL lab times called TALL. It's horrible, my brain is literally fried after doing it. It's this program on the computer to help us learn spanish, really it just confuses me like crazy. But I did memorize the invitation to get baptized in spanish! Here you go: "Seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo la ser Bautizado por alguien que posea la autitoridad del sacerdocio de Dios. Le (date) tentremos una servicio bautismal. Se preparar√° para ser bautizado ese dia"
I know,  I know ya'll are impressed. Also i memorized how to say "I may not speak the language very well, but I know my message is true" Which will probably come in handy a LOT. So spanish is going pretty well, I feel like i have learned a lot from last week, but I still feel like I am kind of behind. In my district there are two girls going to Tempe too and they are struggling really bad with spanish. And it kind of scares me because if they don't learn it like they should then I could be their companion sometime in the field. One of the girls is Tongan and her name is Hermana Finuo? If I spelled that correctly. And she just doesn't take anything serious. She always lays on the ground and she makes really random comments that has nothing to do with what the teacher is talking about. Like once our teacher was teaching us how to do productive planning with our companions and how to stay organized with our time. and she comments,  "have a house of order." and its not what we are not talking about ..... ugh. But seriously I really will have to learn patience if i am her companion. 
Also so my hair has grown like 5 feet randomly i swear, my gosh maybe its the air here in Mexico. (Taylor, move to Mexico and there's about a 85% chance your hair will grow.) (also vanesa you too). But yeah its awesome. We do get to go to the temple which i am so stoked about. We can't go inside because its getting remodeled or something, but we get to go to it. I think we go the second to last Pday before we leave. so I will send some pictures!
The only thing i'm worried about with my luggage is that I only had about 5 extra pounds in one of my suitcases and we got about 20 pounds of books when we got here... so hopefully it will work out. I might be leaving some stuff here haha. 
Also, spencer, all the elders were talking about killing animals and i told them about how you threw a golf ball and hit the squirrel out of the tree. They were all very impressed. 
Last night we were supposed to have this thing called TRC where we visit 2 to 3 different investigators and we just have to act like we barely met them and then be invited in and start a lesson with them. Super scary. and last night was our first time, but no one showed up so we just had to practice on ourselves. Kind of a relief and kind of sad at the same time. But we do that once a week. 
I'm sad I missed Easter with the family! it was really weird not being with the family for Easter, but Sunday was still a good day. I hope you guys had a great Easter too! And you guys actually can send me packages, but you have to send it through My Dear Missionary or Dear Elder.. it gets here a lot faster too. 
But anyways, I think that's about it for this week!!
Love you all!
Hermana Johnson 

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