Thursday, April 24, 2014

04.24.2014 Pictures

This is my district. 
Elder Fuimaono, Elder Povar (district leader), Hermana Voyles, Hermana Rust, Hermana Greenhaulgh (going to Tempe), Hermana Finou (going to tempe), ME, Hermana Dodge, Elder Howell, Elder Fakahafua (careful when saying his name, you could swear)

Here's a nice scenery pic. on the left is all the class rooms.

These are a couple pics of our room. My bed is the cream one

This is what the sinks look like. Super weird. They don't have a handle or anything, you push that little silver thing hanging down and water comes out. Its bizarre. (also, water without a filter here tastes like salt and blood)

Here's some more nice scenery pics. 
This is Mexico City. That super tall wall you see at the bottom is what keeps us in. We're like imprisoned or something.

Panic circle where I ran to be saved from the Earthquake in

This is what the post office looks like that i get no letters from anyone in.... 

Idk what this is but look its a stone head 

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