Tuesday, May 27, 2014

05.26.2014 Email

Hola familia y amigos!! Te amo todas mucho! (idk if thats right so don't judge if it's wrong)

   Anyways. Yes, I got to Arizona safely. I love it!! We actually almost missed our flight but that is a very long story and i don't have time to tell it so lo siento! 

   The first night we stayed with a family in the ward and then we met our companions the next morning! I was way scared to meet my companion, her name is Hermana Thomas. But she is so awesome, like seriously i love her so much! I am so glad she is my companion. We are exactly alike i swear, we have so much fun together. Also, she knows Mckenzie Mortensen because she went to Springville High for two years. Small world! 

   So our area is actually in Tempe, but we are living in Mesa, not exactly sure why. It's super weird, and we are a biking area, sad i know:(  So every single morning we have to strap up our bikes on the car and drive all the way over there, then unstrap them and ride our bikes, then strap them back up. It's super annoying and we are really bad at it so it's takes us like literally 30 minutes. Not even kidding. It's actually really funny, i can just imagine what other people are thinking as they drive by and see these to girls struggling SO bad to get their bikes up. And no one stops and helps! Also, i poked a hole in my skirt, the first day! because one of the bikes got caught on it. But i think we've pretty much gotten it down now. It takes us about 15 minutes now. Not bad!

   So this area we are in is a new area they just split, so we are basically white washing. We know a few members from the ward, and there are a couple investigators in this area, but we have been knocking on A LOT of doors. That's basically what we do every day. But its okay because it really hasn't been that hot yet, and a lot of people are really nice and give us water. It's the best!

   My first night out we had dinner with some members, and my companion made me share the spiritual thought! I was dying and i hope they could understand what i was saying because on top of barely knowing spanish my heart was like beating out of my chest. But my comp makes me speak spanish all the time! ALWAYS!!. We speak spanish all the time and it is so hard! But it's weird, everyone here loves white girls that can't speak spanish. Not kidding! I have said so many freaking prayers guys. Every single type of anything where there is a prayer involved they choose me to say the prayer.I guess they just like listening to me speak because they think it's funny! Thats what my comp said. So awesome. 
   But we do have one investigator-- kind of. His name is Reymundo, and I have a really good feeling about him. I think he will eventually get baptized! We met with him and pretty much just talked about faith and why its important to act on faith. And he totally agreed with everything we were saying, he was like teaching us even! He also said that he loves meeting with us and people from our church because we are always so nice and happy, and he wants that for himself! We invited him to this baptism that one of the other missionaries had, he went and he loved it! He wants us to come by every day to teach him. The only problem is he has a hard time getting to church. which is really sad. But he's really our only investigator at the moment.
   We have eaten some awesome meals though--kinda. We ate at this members house on saturday. Super nice people. They gave us enchiladas. And they were pretty good, but super hot,  and they gave us SO much. Seriously guys I don't think I have ever eaten so much in my entire life! And about half way through the meal I ran out of meat and i didn't want to grab more so I just decided I would eat the plain tortillas. Well big mistake, that was the part that was hot! So i was basically just killing myself! And for the drink they had horchata. which is so deliciously yummy I was so excited. Okay well, because the food was so extremely hot I could not stop drinking. Guys, i drank literally 6 glasses of this horchata. SIX! and i was telling myself it was ok because i could just fill up on that, and i had to because my mouth was so on fire! So i finally finished my meal and i was so stuffed I swear i couldn't talk or it would all come back up. Well THEN they bring out ice cream! They gave us these big bowls of ice cream. All i'm gonna say is that it was a miracle that I ate it all. Seriously don't know how I did. I was so full for the next entire day!

But yeah, everything is going good so far. I love it!
          I got Taylor's package when I got here and my companion was dying because she thought it was so               cute. 
Well, I love you all!
Hermana Johnson :)

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