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05.15.2014 Email

So this is my LAST week here in the CCM and I am dying! I am way excited to leave but for reals it is going to be so scary. It is also going to be really hard leaving my companion and all of my friends I made here, I already know I am gonna be cryin my eyes out. Last week went by so fast, and so has this week too, I can't believe it is already my pday. I leave in 4 days! It's so crazy! This week is also sad because we have to say bye to all of our investigators. I know that sounds stupid because like they aren't real, but it's weird how we have gotten to know them as an investigator. We already had our last lesson with Eduardo and it was awesome. For sure one of the best lessons we have ever taught. We basically just read the scriptures with him and both bore our testimonies because he's ''getting baptized'' in like 2 days. And at the end we asked him to bear his testimony and the spirit was SO strong. It was awesome. I'm really gonna miss teaching him. Last night we had TRC and we taught two investigators. It was so much fun. I was really nervous at first, but as we started teaching it was really great. The second girl we taught about the Book of Mormon and church, and we almost committed her to baptism. ALMOST. haha we were so proud of ourselves and then we found out that she was actually a member. And it for real ruined my whole entire day! I thought we actually had a real investigator! But i guess is was a good learning experience. I guess we were supposed to teach three investigators last night though, but me and my companion take so long teaching people! I don't even know why though, because i feel like we only take like 15 or 20 minutes, but apparently we take way long. It's seriously a problem.

So we had two earthquakes this week. TWO! One was in the middle of the night and I heard the loud sirens going off and I was so confused so I just went back to sleep haha. Then like 5 seconds later my bed was shaking so rapidly! and i was so annoyed because I thought it was my companion shaking our bunks. I seriously didn't realize until the morning that it was an earthquake. it was so crazy. the other one happened right after I finished emailing last week, we all had to run out to the panic circles again! I thought that one was bigger than the one we had a few weeks ago. There was water in the gutters from the rain and it was swishing around like crazy! But apparently it was smaller. I dunno, but it's just crazy that we have had three earthquakes in like four weeks! 

So this week was great because Mothers Day on Sunday! It was really great seeing you guys. And I just want to apologize now for basically crying through out the whole entire thing.. i had all this stuff I was planning on talking about and then as soon as we started talking I completely forgot what i was going to tell you guys. So lo siento! But i do get to email you guys again in a few days and in the airport. So I can talk to you guys then! Sunday, don't worry I did not have to say the opening prayer again in sacrament meeting, but i did have to give a 5 minute talk! i had to talk about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It was so nerve racking! My heart was seriously like beating out of my chest, but I did it completely in español! it was more like 3 1/2 minutes though, but still! I'm pretty proud of myself.

The devotionals on sunday were super great. We listened to Dallin H. Oaks talk and I don't know if it was just because it was right after skyping with our families, but everyone was super emotional. Well most people, not my companion though because of course she never cries. But it was a really great talk about missionary work. I also had to lead the music later that night when everyone met. it's super sad because every sunday night they have a presentation thing for all the districts leaving and then at the end everyone sings God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again and all the people leaving just cry because they are so sad. But after that, We had a little meeting with our district outside and we all just talked about what we liked from the devotionals and the movie. and soon it turned in to everyone crying and telling each other how much we love each other. Haha it was really funny. But yeah wow, Sunday was just a really emotional day. 

So lately a bunch of us go play sand volleyball during gym, and it is seriously so fun. Like the time goes by way fast, and it makes me sad that we only have a few more days playing and being with everyone! I really am going to miss it so bad guys. And not trying to brag or anything, but I have gotten really good at volleyball. Like really good. haha but something super sad/funny that happened this week was one time we were eating lunch and the windows were open, and a bird flew in and was flying around. and everyone kind of saw it and was watching it then it flew right into the window and died! Like it literally just smacked and fell to the floor. Seriously, funniest thing I have seen in forever. 

This week the Elders found a spider in their house. Okay if you get super grossed out by spiders then maybe skip over this part because it is seriously so gross. Like I basically died when I saw the pictures. they found it in their shower.. i know right? Like how would you like to be in that situation? They took a picture with one of their hands next to it and it was literally just a little bit smaller than the palm of his hand! So I'm like super terrified now to shower and sleep in my bed. It's horrible.

But our district is singing Come Unto Christ on Sunday night. You know the night where everyone cries? So yeah, wish us luck. But at first it was really bad and I was really worried that we would not get it down, but it is actually coming along pretty good now. I am actually really excited to sing it, it is going to be SO pretty. Especially since we are singing it in español, everything is so much prettier in español. But we have like our tryout things for it tomorrow, so today we are practicing it for like 4 hours to get it good. I hope that someway i can have someone record it so that you guys can hear it. It'll be awesome! 

So I know I leave in like 4 days, but I seriously am so worried that I do not know spanish well enough yet! I don't feel like I am prepared enough to leave! i have gotten a lot better at spanish and obviously i know a lot more now than i did when I got here, but right when i think I kind of have it we learn something new that just completely confuses my mind like crazy. I don't even know english very well, I just speak it ya know? And now I have to learn all this grammar with spanish and wow it's hard. Also, I was going to bear my testimony with you guys on skype on sunday too soo yeah sorry about that. I think I am getting spanish a little better than my companion though, she struggles a little but more than I do. But she is really good at hearing and understanding people speak spanish, which is what I am really bad at. So we just work really well together. She listens and I speak. haha most of the time in lessons I end up completely translating for her what to say. It's awesome. It's really weird to think that I can speak spanish though. Like sometimes I think about it and i'm just like wait what? Did i actually just teach a whole lesson en solo español?? 

Anyways, I love you all! An awesome scripture this week I found: Mathew 22:36-39
And an inspirational thought:
''Our only concern should be to do better than we did yesterday. Step by step is the law of growth. God does not expect the acorn to be a mighty oak before it has been a sapling.'' -George E. Carpenter
So basically, Just try your hardest to be better everyday. heavenly father can't ask for anything else from us if we are trying to be the best that can!
y en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. :)

Love, Hermana Johnson

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