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Wait!  what?  I am almost in the double digits guys. I can't believe it! This past week especially flew by! I have been out exactly two months from today. It is so weird to think about. But this week has been super super good. LOTS of miracles happened i can't believe it! I would tell you all of them but for reals it would take way too long!

We have found a couple new investigators. Which is really good, i think they will be awesome! Last monday night me and my companion got lost on our bikes, but then we decided we should start contacting that area and we ended up finding this lady who seemed pretty interested, she has her own church she goes to but she really liked our message. but we haven't been back yet to meet with her again, hopefully this week! 

We went by a less actives house to see how he was doing, but only his wife was there. So we talked with her for awhile, we found out that she has actually met with the missionaries a lot before and she is pretty interested. Then we were talking with some other missionaries about her and they said she wants to get baptized but they aren't married and her husband (the less active) doesn't want to get married and doesn't want her going to church. So then,  we were thinking crap. But we taught her a second time about the Plan of Salvation, and she loves it. They have two little boys and they are seriously the cutest kids ever!  We invited her to church and she said maybe, but she'd have to see.

Then, a few nights later we were riding our bikes on this random street doing some contacting, but it was getting late so we started heading to our car. Then we drove past this house and I really felt like we should contact it, but I thought, no cause its pretty late and we will probably be late getting home, but I was feeling really strong about it.  So I told my companion and we turned around and parked our bikes in their driveway. When we were walking up we saw little kid bikes and we were so excited, yay its a family! We knock on the door and this guy we have never seen before opens the door and he says,"oh hey! Come on in!"  and we were seriously so confused. We were like what? THEN i saw the less active guy's wife sitting on the couch with a baby and we realized we had come to their house! It was the weirdest thing, neither of us recognized their house at all! So they invited us in and we talked with them a little bit. The husband's mom was there so we met her, and they told us about how her boyfriend was in jail. They were SO happy we had stopped by, they said we were an answer to their prayers because missionaries prayers get answered a lot faster. So they asked us to pray for the guy's mom's boyfriend. We shard with them a spiritual thought then we invited them to come to church on Sunday. They kind of hesitated and said maybe. But we called back Saturday night to see if we could stop by on Sunday and talk with them and they told us they had decided to go to church! We were seriously so happy! Then the next day in sacrament meeting we were waiting waiting waiting for them and they never came. We were so sad, because if they come late and aren't there for the sacrament we can't count it as a time at church. So we sang the sacrament song and they still weren't there, then there was a little bit of time after we stopped singing when the boys were still preparing the sacrament. And I was prayin so hard that they would come! Then we turned around and they were walking in! RIGHT before they started the sacrament prayer. It was the very last second that they could have come and they did! It was really cool. We were super worried about the less active husband being a problem, but I don't know what those other missionaries are talking about, because he is so cool. I really think we can get them to start coming to church again! 

This morning we went over to their house and helped the wife clean up their yard because they are having a bday party for one of their little boys. It was SO HOT. and at first when my companion told me that we were doing service on our pday I was like,  are you serious??? it's our only free day! But it turned out to be super fun, and we really got to know her better! Then after she took us to eat lunch at Wendy's. She is super nice! Actually gross/scary story while we were doing service. I was moving this big thing of shingles in their backyard which was really really heavy, and I picked it up and put it on this wheely thing. Then I felt something crawling on my leg and I was like what the heck. I look down, and it was this HUGE thing. I don't even know what it was. But I swear to you it was the size of like three quarts and it had super long legs. I freaked out!!! Well, I soon realized .2 seconds later, that I was standing in a whole pile of them! Gross right?? My companion was laughing and I ran so fast over to her seriously almost crying. She said they were spiders and I really almost starting crying. I guess they were crickets or something? I dunno, I don't think we really figured out what they were, but the lady said they wouldn't hurt us. But still GROSS right?

Also, a couple weeks ago we were trying to find this member named Gonzalo who lived in Phoenix. So we went to his house and his daughter was there. Apparently he doesn't live there anymore. But we talked with his daughter for awhile. At the end we asked if there was anything we could do for her and she said to pray for her brother, because I guess he stopped going to church and is a little bit off the path. So we said we would. Then flash forward to a few days ago, we were contacting in Tempe at an apartment complex knocking random doors, and guess who we found! This Gonzalo guys son! and the girls brother! he was pretty nice, and we talked with him for a little bit and invited him back to church. We went by last night again and we met his roommate, who is a less active too. So hopefully we can get them to start coming to church again! 

But yeah, our week has been really good. We have actually had a lot of appointments fall through which is really annoying. But hey, that's the mission I guess! Riding our bikes everywhere is so fun! Kind of. Ugh it is so extremely hot, but I guess it really isn't that bad. This week we moved into our new apartment. YAY!!!! I am SO EXCITED. We took all morning friday to pack up our stuff and take it to the new apartment. Our new apartment is SO NICE. I'm not even kidding we are being so spoiled living here! It is really nice especially compared to our old apartment which had cockroaches everywhere! Well I actually only saw one, but apparently they were really bad before I got there. Apparently. But so yeah!!

This week has been packed full of little miracle and finding people. I'm trying to find a miracle that has happened every single day. And I totally have been able to. I've realized that even when our plans don't go the way we had planned, that other things, better, little things always happen. Every time we get lost or an appointment drops, me and my companion ask each other why we are here, or why Heavenly Father brought us here, then we start contacting and trying to find someone in that area that might be the reason we are there. It's awesome and we are definitely being blessed every day!

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