Thursday, August 21, 2014

08.18.2014 Email

So this week has felt like a million gazillion years. 
Tuesday night we had to say goodbye to all of our investigators in Tempe. It was really sad. Saying goodbye to Blanca and Alex was definitely the hardest! I basically just cried but it's all good now. It was harder saying goodbye to them than my actually family.. At least we got some real cute pics though!

Wednesday i got my new companion, Hermana Greenhalgh! She's from Idaho, just like everyone and their mom. And guess how long she's been out. FOUR MONTHS. 

Yep. you heard that right. We went to the MTC together and now we are companions! I seriously cannot believe it. When President called my name to be her companion I was thinking "oh, different Johnson".  Then he's says Sister A. Johnson? Then I stood up and I was like, WHAT ME?? 
So yeah. We are companions now. It's tons of fun. Both of us have only had four months of speaking Spanish, and oh it has already been such an adventure...
There are only four Spanish missionaries in our branch. Me and Hermana Greenhalgh, and then these two Elders who are second half training each other. So we are all super new to the mission. I guess we'll see how this goes!

So if you didn't realized already by the title of this email, I am now living in the very middle of freaking nowhere. Okay, I guess Yuma is a little but more in the middle of freaking nowhere, but still. I'm in CASA GRANDE now! It's this cute little town surrounded by nothing but dirt and cacti.

But everything has been going pretty good so far! It has been so hot this week but the good thing is that we finally have a car!! I have waited for this moment for so long and it finally came. I got to drive for the first time in four and a half months. YAY. It was a really great experience, and we only almost died a couple of times.
The first night we got here we went around and visited a couple of our investigators. They are cool I guess. Not as cool as people in Tempe!!!  They actually just dropped almost all of their investigators right before I came.. So we are kinda having a hard time finding people. I really like going out and knocking doors and talking to people, but my companion doesn't really like it as much. I'm trying to get her to like it though because we already did it one night and found so many people! Not all interested, but still cool people!

Thursday we found a few people that could end up being really good. So we'll see how that goes!

We went by an old investigator named Pedro the other day. He is this cute old man that is like 70 years old. He was taking the lessons from missionaries in December, had a baptismal date and everything, and then just randomly fell off the face of the earth. But we went by and got to know him and invited him to church. HE IS SO NICE! He loves having us come over and teach him, he is definietly  already my fav investigator. 
But yeah, that's about it that's happened this week. Not a lot. There are only about 60 people (maybe) in our Spanish branch. Super small. They are all really nice though. Most of them speak English too. Which I am really scared about, because no one speaks Spanish to us! I don't want to loose what I have learned. They just speak english because they know none of us can speak a lot of Spanish. 
I really do love being In Casa Grande though. Even If I am a little bit in the middle of nowhere, it's great. And me and my companion are going to be SO good at Spanish by the end of this transfer. I really know that Heavenly Father knows everything that we are going through, and that He is going to continue to help us and bless us along the way. It's crazy that me and Hermana Greenhalgh ended up being companions right now, but I seriously know Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. There must be some people here who need our cute broken Spanish!!

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