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Okay so this week was a very very great week. Oh my gosh and guess freaking what??? TRANSFERS ARE NEXT WEEK. ahhh! I cannot believe this. If my entire mission goes as fast as these last 4 months have gone I will die because i do not want to come home!! Sorry family. 
I am really scared for next week though because I don't want to get transferred! and I don't want my companion to get transferred either! Even though I have a really bad feeling that she is leaving. I am going to bawl my eyes out if that happens!

This week we had interviews with our Mission President. Wow!  can i just say I love any time I get the opportunity to talk with him?  Even if it is just for 15 minutes. Just for that short time talking to him he helped me with so many problems I was having and I feel so much better about myself! He is a for real spiritual giant. (serious, he is 7 feet tall). Ah he is so cool! Okay I'm sorry I always talk about him, i just can't help how awesome he is though! I completely trust everything he says to us, he seriously receives divine revelation, it is so so cool. (he might be a prophet someday too). 

That's why I'm trying not to be too scared about transfers, because I know that whatever changes he makes are straight from the Lord! I could get transferred to Yuma speaking Chinese and I probably would be okay with it because he is just that cool. 

This week me and Hermana Thomas had a lot of problems with our bikes basically breaking down on us. Especially one day, right when we thought nothing else could go wrong with our bikes.. something else went wrong. It was really frustrating in the moment but it was a really funny day. Somehow the back part of my bike just fell off when we were waiting at a red light.. i don't even know how that happened, but I secured it with a nice little wire so all's good now. 

AND, that same day when we were going to do online in a church building, none of the doors were unlocked and we didn't have a key! Then randomly this really nice lady was at the church and let us in. Then she came back a little while later and brought us each a piece of this really delicious cake!! 

I think it is just Heavenly Fathers way of saying that even if our bikes fall apart as we are riding them and everything is going completely wrong, at the end of the day there will always be something nice and yummy waiting for you. In this case, CAKE!! 

We went to the Visitors center with Blanca and Alex and their ridiculously crazy kids. It was so fun, we watched the Joseph Smith movie, and the spirit was there, really strong. Well, i mean between screaming and crying and getting bottles thrown at my head. It went really well!  They are still coming to church and doing awesome!

So there was a baptism on Saturday again.. not ours don't worry. It was this cute lady and her two kids that were getting baptized. It was really fun to go. The night before we were up like all night (until 10:25) baking cookies, cupcakes, and brownies for the baptism because it was this lady's birthday too. I guess word on the street is that I am a real good chef. 

Alex and Blanca went to the baptism and Alex spoke on the Holy Ghost!  He was so nervous before, he was freaking out. Although I don't know why, he loves every second of attention he can get. hahah he is so funny. But he really did do awesome, he has such a great testimony, I really don't know why he is less active!

So one really great thing about our ward, is that fast sundays always go by SO FAST. And it's because there are always a million people lined up on the stand to share their testimonies! It is really awesome, there is never a silent moment in this ward. Every once in a while this kid named Hector stands up and shares his testimony. And when we see him go up we are like,  yes!  Hector! because he is the funniest kid I think I have ever met. Oh my gosh he is is hilarious! So yesterday he got up to share his testimony and this is how it goes: (also keep in mind he looks like Harry Potter at age 8)

Hector: "Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my testimony with you.......So.....How's it going?.....Um, I want to say...that....I am guilty. I have things that I am guilty about..............and, So my dad used to do alcoholic and drugs.....and it was really bad. But, then i helped him stop.....and he did really bad things.... and sometimes I do really bad things too......"
(The bishop gets up and whispers something to him)
Hector: "ok um,.... Well I forgot something...." 
(dad gets up and whispers something to him)
Hector: "Okay um... The Book of Mormon is real...... and when I was younger I used to not think it was real. Because there is a lot of fiction in it...... but it is real. and this church is real.....and, amen."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh i was DYING. i was seriously trying so freaking hard to not burst out laughing. It was the funniest thing ever! And if you don't think it is funny then it is probably because you weren't there. Because trust me, you would have died too.

Okay, okay. So lately, my Spanish has actually gotten a lot better! I am so much more comfortable with talking to people. And yes there are some days when I suck real bad, but overall it is improving a lot. And I still sound like i really big gringa. I know. But who even cares right?

Side note to this week: I almost died again by a car. (but I didn't die so no a big deal!!)

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