Friday, September 12, 2014

09.08.2014 Email

Okay the last four days have felt like MONTHS. I thought it was going to fly by, but nope it has been so unbelievably SLOW. 

So in my last email I said how Sister Schroeder has been sick. Okay well guess who is sick now?  Our ENTIRE apartment. Every single one of us. I was completely fine and then out of nowhere I am just dying. I don't even know what it is. There are like 6 different things wrong with me! So yeah that's been fun. I'm hoping it is going to go away soon, because it would really be nice to get some sleep. 

So Thursday: THERE WAS A HABOOB. Okay actually there have been like 5 haboobs this week. Seriously what the heck?  It's scary. But anyways, this one in particular was HUGE. So we are on our way to dinner and out of nowhere it started pouring rain, and random things started falling over, stop signs, telephone poles. So we got out of the car for seriously 5 seconds to book it inside and got drenched (picture to follow). Then the power went out, so we ended up eating cold hamburgers and fries for dinner. YUM. but, it was really cool, because after there were TWO rainbows!! 

Friday: We went and got ice cream with Vanessa and her little boy. He is so freaking cute, and I just love them so much! We gave her a Book of Mormon and talked about it a little bit with her. She was so excited to go home and read it!!

Saturday: The main reason this week went by so slow. Saturdays are always SO SLOW. We did a lot of finding, and actually found some pretty dang awesome peeps to teach, so that's good. We ran into this lady who was telling us all about these aliens that lived in her house. We were pretty freaked out. 

Sunday: Everything was really good. We had a few investigators at church, even a couple that we had met the night before! So we were super excited about that. But then later, we were sitting in the principles of the gospel class then all of a sudden we realize that Marianne is not at church! So we jump up and are searching all around the church trying to find her, we try calling her cellphone, but no one answered! So we were thinking, " nuh uh. no way. You are getting baptized on Saturday you are NOT GOING TO MISS CHURCH!" So we momentarily left our other investigators and speedily drove over to her house. We knocked and knocked and knocked on the door and nobody was answering! I was seriously about to break down the door and drag her to church. So.. yeah. We still haven't been able to get a hold of her. So looks like she won't be getting baptized on Saturday after all! Darn! 

That's about all that has happened the last few days. Yesterday I actually bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. I started talking about temples and eternal families and started crying because I love my family so much. Oh my gosh, but it was so embarrassing. I feel bad for everyone that was listening. I can just imagine what it sounds like trying to listen to some white girl speak Spanish and cry at the same time.
Tonight we are having a family night with a part member family in our ward. I am super excited, it should be really good. 

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