Tuesday, September 23, 2014

09.22.2014 Email

This week was PACKED with exciting/ ridiculous crazy things. There have been a lot of meetings and I have felt the spirit so much and received so much revelation, it is fantastic. 

Okay wow!  like where do I even start?  So first off, this week is transfers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. really?? I can't believe it. We were supposed to get transfer calls last night, but there was a Mission Presidents Fireside and it went late and everybody got home late, including our president.. So calls didn't come until this morning. I died. Seriously I have this weird problem where I get so nervous about transfer calls every time, where I literally make myself sick. So yesterday was not a good day. I was so sick and worried to my stomach ALL day. But hey, me and Hermana Greenhalgh are staying together! whoop whoop.
 So this week we went and visited a less active in our branch. She is super nice, but she just has a lot of doubts about the church. A LOT. I  think her husband has been showing her some anti stuff, which is really sad. So we mostly just tried to answer some of her questions. RIDICULOUS questions, I swear, seriously these are questions that I have never even thought about before. Even though it was basically us just getting bombarded with questions, it was a really cool spiritual experience. As we walked out of that lesson we both just looked at each other and we were like... what the heck just happened?  We were able to talk to her and help resolve her concerns and I seriously don't even know how we did it. I know I answered her questions, but I don't even know what I said! Words just came out of my mouth!! Super awesome. 
That same night we drove by this old guy's house that we had referred to the English elders in our area literally the night before. Well, there was a firetruck, cop car AND an ambulance. then we see that he is IN the ambulance. what would you think happened? obviously he DIED! Right?  That's what we thought.  So we call the elders and leave a message and we're like, hey elders so.. we just want to let you know that that referral we gave you, well.. he died. Even though we were really sad, we were laughing really hard because it was just so funny. How many missionaries refer someone and then they die, Right?  Well we happen to drive by again a little later that night and we see him sitting in his wheelchair smoking his cigarette. We are like WHAT THE HECK?!?  HE IS ALIVE. So we call the elders back and we're like... so he's actually not dead, he's still alive. It was so funny hahaha oh my GOODNESS. Wish ya could've been there. 
Wednesday night we had correlation and while we were at the church this older couple comes in and asks the branch president for money to help pay their bills. This seriously happens all the time, then they say they will come to church and they never actually do. But they said they were really interested, so we showed them around the church and set up a time to go back and visit them. They are actually really really nice. well the lady, the man is a little grouchy. But good news, THEY CAME TO CHURCH on sunday! Everybody was actually really surprised. but they came, and they also brought their 9 year old granddaughter who is SUPER interested in coming to church!
This week with Pedro we actually decided to take him off date. Which is a bummer because he is so awesome. we just didn't feel like he was really prepared yet. But he still wants to meet with us and he still comes to church and stuff, so that's good!
Friday our mission president called our entire mission together and we had this little conference thing. He basically just addressed a lot of problems that we were having in the mission, but it was super good. I definitely learned a lot. 
Saturday morning we drove to Tempe again because we got to listen to Elder D. Todd Christofferson. It was so cool! The second he walked in the whole room was just so filled with the spirit! And before it started we all got to go up and shake his hand. It was SO cool. AAh my whole entire day was just awesome because of that. I learned so much from him!! I took some really awesome notes and I am so excited to be able to look back on them for the rest of my mission!

On Sunday we got to drive up AGAIN to Tempe for the Mission Presidents Devotional. which yeah that was really cool. I was really hoping I would see Blanca and Alex there because she said they were going! But we left and I couldn't find them.. by the time we got home it was almost 10 o'clock and we left our car in the church parking lot. As we went to get in our car we realized that somebody drew ALL over the back of our car in PERMANENT MARKER. How Rude Right?? oh my gosh who would do something like that? Like for reals DO YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE? So we spent the next basically hour trying to scrub it off with magic erasers.. have any ideas for how to get permanent marker off a car? let me know!
So yesterday morning we are in the middle of eating lunch and we realize we have a text from the Elders that says, PEC at noon. it's 11.53. So we are like OH CRAP. We frantically run around the house grabbing random things. I start shoving the rest of my food in my mouth/ grabbing boxes of any food I can find and we run out the door to make it on time. We speed over to the church and get there only a few minutes late. And our branch president is like, You know this is PEC right? And we're like, oh yeah we barely made it! Then he just sits there for a second and I'm like... I have no idea what PEC stands for. and so we find out it stands for  priesthood something something.. ARE YOU SERIOUS???  we rushed over and we didn't even need to be there! Also I accidentally got a speeding violation because I drove too fast..
So we had three investigators in Relief Society yesterday. It was a really interesting lesson... to be honest i don't even have any idea what the lady was talking about. And then half way through she starts talking about how her and her husband went to a Jehovah Witness church and everybody was so involved and paying attention and then she says how the Jehovahs are SO MUCH better than our church! right? Then other women start arguing and being like, uh no that is not right and stuff. Oh heck. I just sat there and I was like.. this is not happening right now. 
But yes it did happen. 

Also another funny story that happened yesterday. We just got to dinner and my companion needed to wash her hands. So she goes to use the kitchen sink and as soon as she turns it on something is broken on the sink so the water shoots straight out. Well guess who was standing directly in the line of fire. ME. I just sat there so confused and so helpless as to what was going on as this fountain of water sprays me right in my face. My companion was to busy laughing that she couldn't figure out how to turn it off for like a good 5 SECONDS. It was really hilarious, but yeah. I was soaked. 
We have been doing a lot of biking/ walking lately just because it is easier and we don't have very many miles left on our car. (which by the way, holy crap September where have you gone?) I really like walking and riding bikes, even though we are in a pretty scary part of Casa Grande. The other night we walked by this house and this big black lady comes out and starts yelling at us. (i seriously think she had good intentions) she starts getting all mad at us because she's worried that we are going to get killed or something. She starts naming off like all of these crimes that have happened and stuff and she says how we need to go by pepper spray or like a gun. hahaha it was really funny. But yeah, she was saying how it is way to dangerous for us to be walking by ourselves at night. At first I was starting to get a little creeped out with everything she was saying. But then as we walked away I had the best feeling come over me. And I just knew that the Lord is seriously protecting us every single day, everywhere we go. I know that we are never alone. NEVER. And I just felt so much peace and so much comfort! I have seriously seen so many blessing from this transfer it is crazy. I know we still need to be careful everywhere we go, but Heavenly Father blesses us and watches out for us every day! it's wonderful. This church is so true. Heavenly Father really is here for all of us. Missionary work is awesome.

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