Tuesday, September 23, 2014

09.15.2014 Email

Hello mi hermosa familiaa (:

I will just say that it has been a very very good week, I can't believe how fast time is going!!
Except, ask me if I am still sick from last week..
YES. yes I am. But it's okay because I am getting better and that is all that counts right? All of us in our apartment are slowly recovering!

So last Monday we had family night with one of the part member families in our ward. It was so fun, we ate tacos and watched a couple of the New testament videos. My companion made cheesecake brownies which were apparently SOO good. But too bad I couldn't taste them because in case you didn't know, I have now lost all taste/ smell of ANYTHING. 
Not complaining. I love it.

We had exchanges this week with the sister training leaders, nothing too exciting except for speaking English which every once in awhile that's a pretty fun thing to do. We also found a couple Spanish speaking people. YAY!

Every Thursday we have an English class where we teach our investigators and members how to speak English. It is actually really really fun, also you learn how to speak Spanish by teaching English so it's like a win-win situation here. This week Pedro came (which by the way he is still so awesome.) We were trying to teach him how to say his name, where he is from and where he lives and stuff like that. But it is so hard to teach him anything because he gets off topic SO FAST. Somehow by asking him where he's from turned in to him talking about ginormous volcanoes in Utah... this is a daily basis sort of thing. At the end we asked Pedro to pray in English. Finally he agreed to, and this is for reals his prayer:
"Dear, Heavenly... Father..... Thank...you..for...today. Thank you...for........life...here....Please help us....to have......life....tomorrow..........in the name of....Jesus (in Spanish accent) Christ. amen."
hahaha it was so funny I was trying so hard not to burst up LAUGHING. I died. But hey look, he can now pray in English!

So Friday there was a FIESTA!!! Because it was the Independence day of Mexico! So our branch had a cute lil party in our church. It was super fun, mostly everyone dressed up and wore cute Mexican stuff. I really bad wanted to wear my Mexican mumu dress but my companion wouldn't let me. i guess it probs wouldn't have been the best Idea anyways... There was SO MANY BURRITOS. solo burritos. They were sooo good though. I kind of felt like a for real Mexican for a night. 
After the party we went to visit a couple people. Although it was so scary walking down the streets because there were so many parties going on. I don't think I have ever felt more in Mexico before! I am serious when I say that our area is straight THE GHETTO. But it's fun. 
We were a little concerned that Pedro would be out partying with his friends because it was independence day and what not. So on our way home we walked by his house and we found him just standing outside his house by himself watering his plants. hahaha he is the cutest little Mexican man ever! He takes so much pride in his plants it's hilarious. You get him started on his plants and he will go on for HOURS about how he keeps them alive. 

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