Monday, July 28, 2014

07.28.2014 Email

Hello familia!! Okay, can I just say that THIS WEEK FLEW BY!!!!
So to be honest I can't really remember anything that happened. I will try hard though.
Blanca and Alex are freaking AWESOME, as always. I think I say that every week but ah oh my goodness I love them so much. This week was a really great week with them. We were able to see them a lot and have some really awesome lessons. Their love for us is growing and our love for them is growing. I think they wish we were their kids, that's how strong their love for us is. They are for reals already planning on coming to our weddings. hahahaha. Anyways, they are doing really well, they have been coming to church every week and staying for the whole time. Alex is like the best member ever! I for reals don't even know why he is less active, he has one of the strongest testimonies i have ever heard. We are going to the visitors center with them tonight. And I am so excited!! It is going to be so awesome.

We had a super super awesome MIRACLE this week. Okay so we have been trying to get a hold of this old investigator named Miguel for basically my entire time here, but we could never find him. His wife is a less active and he was taking lessons a few months ago from the other missionaries. So we go by his house again to see if he is there and guess what. HE IS HOME! So we have this mini lesson with him and his wife. It was so super awesome and the wife, Mariana said how she really wants to start coming back to church. So we invited them to come to church with us on Sunday and they were super excited and said they would for sure be there. Then as we were leaving the lesson Miguel stopped us and told us that he wanted to get baptized! He said he has had all the missionary lessons and is ready to get baptized!!! WHAAT?? We were so excited.

That same day, we had a lesson with that family we found contacting last week, and we taught the restoration. Oh my gosh. Probably one of the best lesson we have taught yet. For reals, the spirit was so strong!! All of them were so interested and involved in the lesson, even the 8 year old, who ended up saying the closing prayer, which was an awesome awesome prayer. BUT, the best part of this lesson is that they all agreed to get baptized if they got they're answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet!! AHHH they are going to get baptized! Erica (the mom) has so much faith. She really wants to know! So I have no doubt that Heavenly Father will answer their prayers.

We weren't able to find Ariana a whole lot this week which was a really big bummer. But we did get a chance to see her last night, and she is still SO interested in the Book Of Mormon. We gave her one and talked about it last night, and I really don't think I have ever seen anyone so excited to read the Book of Mormon before. We are also going to the visitors center with her on Saturday too because she really wants to know about Joseph Smith! (Like, have you ever seen a more solid investigador?)

Last night all of us missionaries in our ward did this little workshop thing for the members. The point of it is to teach the members in our ward how to be missionaries and why it is important to be missionaries. So we are going to have it every Sunday night. Last night we talked about the gospel of Christ. I had to teach the Holy Ghost. I was FA-REAKING out. But everything turned out really good. And i don't know where my Spanish even came from.....but it was there!! and it was awesome! (not my Spanish, it still propably sucked) But I just was able to speak for like 5 minutes about the Holy Ghost! It turned out way awesome. I realized that I really love teaching. Who woulda thought?

So yeah, everything is going pretty great here. My Spanish is getting a whole lot better! I am really starting to love speaking in Spanish. It's so fun especially when you can understand what people are saying!! Some days my Spanish is like amazing and I think i will be fluent in no time and then some days I still feel like the only Spanish I can speak is Dora the Explorer. But it's all good! I will get it someday.

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