Friday, December 5, 2014

10.13.2014 Email

Hello my dearest familia.

 I hope all is going just fantastic for you all. (I can't put ya'll anymore cause my companion will kill me)
Anyways this week has been pretty crazy. So last Monday was great of course. We had a zone activity in the church, we made breakfast and played chair soccer and gator ball. It was so fun, wow!!! I miss soccer so bad. Later we were washing our car and I accidentally sprayed my companion with the hose. I swear I seriously did not mean to, I just totally underestimated the force that came out of  it. It got blue soap all over her arms and her face and a little on her shirt. I felt so bad,  but oh my gosh it was hilarious.

This week we had we had Zone Meeting AND interviews! I love interviews. My President is the BEST. We had an awesome training, then we got to watch Meet The Mormons!! If you haven't seen it, you should definitely go see it. But be careful because the end is a real tear jerker. 

Also, this week we had our FIRST skype lesson. It was so fun! Remember that guy from the ice cream truck? His name is Phillip and he is so cool. We have been talking to him a little bit on facebook, then we actually skyped him this week and taught a lesson. MY FIRST SKYPE LESSON WHOO! (we took a pic to document it.) The only sad thing about Phillip is that he actually lives in the Elder's area so we are going to end up having to give him over to them, which is so not ideal.

Thursday we were in Eloy all day and basically had no success. We were able to have a couple lessons with some less actives which is good, but we could not find ANY of our investigators. Serious, this has been our problem this entire week. NONE of our investigators have been home and almost all of our planned lessons have fallen through! Everybody just needs to STOP GOING TO MEXICO. It's a real problem, people will just drop off the face of the earth for weeks. 

Friday we had weekly planning, then had ANOTHER SKYPE LESSON! With this kid named David. The cool part is that he lives in Atlanta, Georgia and he wants to keep having lessons with us! The only problem is that we don't know if he is more interested in actually learning about the church or just talking to us.. but we will find that out real soon. cool potential investigator!

Saturday was a busy busy day. We went to two baptisms, in the morning there was one for a little boy in our ward, then there was another one that afternoon for one of the other elder's investigators. We got to go because I played the piano and my companion sang a musical number. It was so fun I love baptisms so much.

Sunday also was a crazy day. So Friday night me and Hermana Greenhalgh decided that we wanted to use teeth whitening strips (thanks to an awesome package from my family) so we put them on and then realized that they were two hour ones and we had like 30 minutes before we had to be in bed. So Hermana Greenhalgh is like "oh no its okay, the elders sleep with teeth whitening strips on all the time" (how would she know this???) . At first I was like no way, that is so dangerous, but then of course she convinced me.. although I will say that I woke up two hours later and took them off! But my companion on the other hand... slept with them on all night. Well, when she woke up she realized that she had SWALLOWED ONE OF THEM, she could feel it in her throat. So i am like fa-reaking out and telling her that we need to go to the hospital ASAP, but of course she doesn't want to make a big deal about it so she goes all day with this teeth whitening strip in her throat! Finally Saturday night we call the mission president's wife and she tells us to go to the hospital. Still my companion refuses to go so we go to sleep that night and neither of us can sleep all night. So we wake up in the morning and finally we decide to go. So we end up in the emergency room for 5 HOURS Sunday morning. They had to stick this camera thing down her throat, take an X ray, and give her this IV to open her throat up. Finally we were able to leave and barely make it to church on time!  So yeah, we were there all morning with nothing to do, just sitting there! I think I have now seen every single Bible video ever made. But i love them so it's fine. 

Anyways, so everything else is going just great and neither of us are dead/dying. Now we just know in case you were ever wondering, No, you should not sleep with teeth whitening strips on.

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