Friday, December 5, 2014

11.03.2014 Email

I guess you could say i am the happiest person alive right now. 
Like October it was 90's and I am dying of heat basically every day and then all of a sudden it turned November and it is COOL. It feels so good outside I seriously just want to stay outside all day everyday.

(Also just a little side note to my email last week. mainly for my madre. DO NOT FREAK OUT. I am safe and I am okay and nothing is even going to happen. that's all)

So this was the last week of this transfer and it FLEW by. Thursday we got to go to the Phoenix Temple open house, and oh my goodness. It was GORGEOUS. I seriously love going to temples because they are all so pretty and you really feel so close to heaven inside them! It is so cool that all these people who are nonmembers have the opportunity to go inside the temple and have that personal experience and learn just a little bit more about our church.  Even in open houses before they are dedicated, the second you walk in you just feel so much peace and the spirit is just SO strong.Then you have to leave and go back to your normal lives and do all the normal things you do in your life. Thankfully I am a missionary and I still experience AMAZING spiritual moments everyday.   
Friday was HALLOWEEN. Okay so let me just say, basically I have looked forward to Halloween for the past two months.. then it came and happened and it is now over and really all I did was stay in our house and eat a TON of candy. Guys, I am serious! you would not even believe me if I told you how many bags of chocolate people gave us. Literally at least 7. SEVEN!!
It's definitely safe to say we are all well on our way to early diabetes.

So besides Halloween and having to stay inside our house basically all night, nothing too excited has happened! 
Saturday morning we woke up at 5AM again to go help our branch with the yard sale. I think this weekend was the last time. Thank goodness!!  
Then this weekend was Stake Conference and it was like the best stake conference I have been to! Usually I hate stake conference because you just have to sit there for two hours and then your butt goes numb and you are hungry so your stomach is growling and basically everyone in the entire stake can hear it.. but, that is not what this one was! It was really cool, they had it broadcasted from Salt Lake but yet it was still specifically for the state of Arizona. I really learned so much from the people who spoke. It was amazing, I feel like everybody was speaking specifically to me!

Okay real fast funny story about this week. So all the time when we are walking there are these annoying little chihuahua dogs that run after you and chase you. I think Arizona has the corner on the chihuahua market, everyone has them!!!!  So sometimes I will  turn around and act like I am about to chase them and then they will run away all scared. Works like a dime. So anyways, the other night we are walking by this house and literally like 5 chihuahuas run out in the street and start chasing us. But us, being the grown adults that we are, just keeping walking and trying to ignore them. But they continue chasing us and biting our legs! (which seriously hurts) so I kind of do the whole turn around like I am going to chase them, but it didn't work with these dogs! It just made them more mad! So then my companion is like, okay I got this. So out of nowhere she turns around and starts chasing them and GROWLING at them. I am just dying laughing in the street because this is hilarious. Then all of a sudden we look and realize that this entire time this little Mexican family is just chillin in their yard watching us. THE ENTIRE TIME. It was the funniest thing ever.

So anyways, last night we got transfer calls!! WAHOO! Transfer calls are the best!
Not really, so glad that is over. They were supposed to come at like 9:30 but then that didn't happen so they just decided to call at 11 o'clock at night. which is fine I mean who needs sleep anyways right? 
Sad news: My companion is leaving!! We don't know where she is going yet or who her new companion will be yet, but we find that out on Thursday! 
So guess who is staying! ME. and also guess who is training! ME. 
ahh I am SO EXCITED. This is going to be a blast! We're gonna have so much fun.
For real, I am really excited for this next transfer! I get to stay here in Casa Grande another transfer and work with all the amazing people that are here, AND i am excited that I get to train! I am a little bit nervous though, but like I know that it is just Satan that puts those thoughts into my head! This will be a very good transfer, and i can already tell that I am going to learn sooo much.

Well family, thank you so much for the great Halloween packages! You guys are the BEST. I hope you all had a great Halloween! Mortensen's-- you are amazing!!

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