Friday, December 5, 2014

10.27.2014 Email

Okay wow i don't even know how to start this email this week. 
To summarize my feelings right now, this is how I feel: AMFJKUDHBEODJ (but in a good way) 
hahaha for realsI  I feel like I am living in a movie right now and it is pretty awesome. 

So to start with, This is the LAST week of transfers, don't know where the time has gone, but it has definitely gone. But every once in awhile change is good, so I'm excited for that.

The not so good part about this week is that we got dropped by 4 investigators this week. WHY????
All of our lessons with Jesus and Maria have been going pretty good. So this week we were about to have a SUPER awesome lesson and invite them to be baptized. As we show up, she invites us in and then before we can say anything she just hands us the Book of Mormons back and says that they have read them and they don't need them anymore. 
DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE BASICALLY HANDING US YOUR SALVATION?? Ugh. people!!!!!!  Turns out she is a Jehovah Witness, like how did you forget to tell us that 4 weeks ago? This information would have been helpful a little earlier on!! Then we have Jose, who's wife saw his Book of Mormon we gave him and now we can't go back anymore or she'll kick him out..

Anyways, we have been trying to find this guy named Gerardo lately, but every time we go over he is never there. Then the other day his son answered the door and now he is TOTALLY interested in our message. We taught the restoration and he loved it! he told us he wants to learn more AND eventually be baptized. So i am super excited to continue teaching him!

This week we went by a part member family in our ward and hermana taught us how to make Arroz con leche! it is the best thing in this entire world. So now I am going to be making it like probably everyday. 
Also, one night we were walking and this cute little kitten kept following us everywhere we went. for literally like 45 minutes. So we named her popito, oh my gosh she was the cutest thing ever. But we ended up losing her, i think a dog may have got her.. Sad right?

This week we went on exchanges. I went to the English sisters area with sister Schroeder. I LOVE her, we seriously have so much fun together. Also, I always like exchanges, but this one was an especially good one. I just learned SO MUCH this time, so it was much needed.

Friday morning we woke up at 5AM to help with a "Yard Sale" for a missionary in our branch. We helped set up for a couple hours in the morning, then went to weekly planning. (also, i got a SICK rope) 

Thursday night our church got broken into and COMPLETELY trashed. We went over Friday to look at it and there were a bunch of windows that were broken and one of the doors was completely shattered. It is really so sad, like why is it even fun to break in and vandalize places? Apparently all they were looking for was money, because only the bishops offices were broken into. I guess they took cement shingles from the roof and busted all the handles to get in. BUT all they took was our branch presidents 100 dollar phone cord. like, ALL THAT FOR A PHONE CORD? 
Anyways, so the point of my title is because me and Hermana Greenhalgh put our smart minds together and we totally basically figured out who it was that broke in. So long story short, they came to church and we were able to secretively get their finger prints and talk about why one of them had huge gashes on his hands. AND NOW, we have to meet with the police and give them information. Oh my gosh. this is so cool. Like i feel like I am CSI. 

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