Friday, December 5, 2014

11.10.2014 Email

Alright so this week has been such a great week! Hermana Greenhalgh and I had our last few days together and then she left!

Tuesday was zone meeting and of course that was just excellent. We talked a lot about following the spirit and staying in tune with the spirit. That is something that I am going to really try so hard to work on this transfer! Just recognizing the spirit and being able to follow the promptings of the spirit EVERYWHERE. So far, this transfer has been going pretty good:) We found this super awesome lady named Juanita. She lives with her boyfriend and her two kids, she is SO nice. We are really hoping she will start coming to church with us because she needs the gospel so much in her life right now. We went by to talk to her and see how everything was doing, and it was really sad, she is struggling with a lot in her life right now, I just wish we could help her more somehow! But she is really awesome.

Wednesday we had a lesson with the CUTEST old man i have ever seen in my entire life. His name is Roberto, I am not kidding you guys. Just try to imagine the epitome of cute old mexican guy and this is Roberto. He is so hilarious and SO funny! oh my gosh. I basically just laugh at everything he says because everything about him is so funny! Just the way he dresses and acts, and smiles at everything you say! He's like 5 feet tall, MAYBE. ahh!! he is adorable. We taught the restoration and basically the entire time he just kept talking about the Book of Mormon, before we even taught about the Book of Mormon! He was just dying to have one and read it! it was so awesome. 

Thursday we went to Tempe for transfer meeting and I GOT MY NEW COMPANION. She is so cute, her name is Hermana Doty. We already get along so well! I was really worried that she was kind of going to come in to the field and not want to work hard or do anything. But she is the total opposite! We have so much fun together it's awesome. We taught our very first lesson as soon as we got back home with this lady named Porfidia. It went really well, it was our first lesson with her as well, and she is really interested in learning more about the church! Then we went to Eloy and visited some less actives. So there is this less active lady named Rosa who is SO NICE and she is dying to make us food sometime. We had dinner planned with hermana bautista that night, but I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to stop by Rosa's house right before dinner and see if we can come by next week to eat dinner with her. Well apparently she was already planning on feeding us that day.. I have no idea where she even got that idea! So i felt so bad not saying yes to her food because she had prepared an entire meal for us! So I was like okay yeah sure, we only have a few minutes though! So we hurried and ate all this food that she had given us in order to be on time to our actual dinner. Then when we get to hermana bautistas house for dinner she has a huge plate of food for us sitting on the table. and when i say huge people i mean HUGE. (lasagna, mashed potatoes, rice, salad, garlic bread, donuts) I DIED. I felt so bad for Hermana Doty. hahaha oh my gosh, Like hey welcome to the mission field, here's two huge dinners for you! It was really funny but also really terrible. i don't think i have ever been so full in my entire life.

Friday we had weekly planning and.. i can't really remember what else happened.

Saturday we had an awesome lesson with Roberto! We had hermana Montelongo come with us to the lesson and it was AWESOME. They got a long so well, and he loves her! The only problem is that the lesson literally took over an hour... an HOUR people. He loves to talk, and she loves to talk and holy crap, we could not leave! But we brought a Book of Mormon with us and he was SO EXCITED to start reading it! he told us that he really wants to be a member of our church. he is the BEST.

So Sunday hermana Montelongo gave him a ride to church, the second he walked in the doors he just has this HUMONGOUS smile on his face and won't stop talking about how happy he is to be at church and how beautiful the church is,  haha, he stayed for all three hours and loved all of it! The best part though: So we are sitting next to him in sacrament and the whole time he is just nodding and smiling to EVERYTHING that is being said. Then the sacrament gets passed around and as the bread comes to us he looks around a little confused of what is going on and then out of nowhere he pulls out a dollar bill and throws it on the tray of bread! It was SO FUNNY. Seriously I am sitting here literally laughing right now as I am typing this. We were both trying so hard to describe to him what to do and that he didn't have to pay money, but we were trying so hard not to laugh at him! Definitely the highlight of my week. 
THEN, because last week was stake conference, this week was fast Sunday. So in sacrament meeting people are getting up and bearing their testimonies. My companion got up, then i got up, and then when I sat back down he is like, can I go up there? and i said, uhh yeah if you want! So HE GETS UP TO BEAR HIS TESTIMONY. His first time at church! he basically just talks about how happy he is to be here and learn more about God! Then this is seriously how he ends his testimony:
"so thank you, thank you. Thank you God!... ok" then walks back. hahahhaa I love him so much! He is the funniest person ever. We have another lesson with him on Tuesday with hermana montelongo and I am so excited! He is so great.  
Well anyways, everything is going really good here and I am loving Arizona! It actually is starting to feel SO GOOD outside. I hope all is well!

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