Monday, July 14, 2014

06.30.2014 Email

WOW. This week is transfers whoo! Okay it's really not that exciting. Everyone is basically staying the same in our zone. But it's good because our zone is awesome. 

But funny story, last night we stayed up until like 12 o'clock waiting for our zone leaders to call us AND THEY FORGOT. We are really tired today.

Last monday we went to this place called Guadalupe. It was really cool! There's a bunch of little Mexican stores with all this cool stuff, my companion got a pink mexican dress she calls her Mumu. She wears it all the time its awesome. Also our whole zone went bowling on Pday, it was so fun! i forgot how good I am at bowling.. ;) jk!  But I actually won both times, I'm pretty sure.

Anyways, this week was a really interesting weeks with contacts. VERY interesting. All i'm gonna say is there are some weird people here in Arizona guys!

We ride our bikes everywhere and i honestly have so much fun! Like thinking about how hot it is and riding bikes just sounds horrible. But I actually love it! By the time we get home every night we are both so dead. Sleeping has seriously never felt so awesome before! So on saturday my companion got a flat tire on her bike. Luckily we were at a church building, except it was locked! So we had to sit outside and wait for  three hours for someone to come and help us! It was a big bummer. We missed two of our lessons! But I got to work on my tan, so that's good.

Well, we aren't really going by to see Jesus as much anymore because he hasn't been keeping any of his commitments. It is really frustrating! I think this week will be better though, we are going to try really hard to find some new investigators! We are still seeing Blanca and a few other people, and they are doing great! 

Spanish is going pretty good as well. We are doing this thing in our apartment with the two other sisters where we can't speak any English inside. It is so hard! and if we do speak English, we have to pay 25 cents. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but for reals. I am losing all my money!! 

Now today with all the money we are going to go buy brownies or something amazing, probs brownies.  

But it actually is helping a lot! I can actually speak some  words other than just gospel stuff! I also learned that for my entire mission so far whenever I have been meaning to say "authority" in Spanish I say "auditorium".. and my companion just now remembered to tell me this! 

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