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07.21.2014 Email

Alright so real fast I just want to quote what mom said in her last email to me.

"Dad hit a guy on his bike (no big deal-- bent the tire is all)..........     Are you serious right now!?!?

ok thats all.

So you know what the worst thing I've realized is? Songs get stuck in your head soo easy and you can't do anything about it! It's Satan. He is trying so hard! All the time there is random music playing and you are just asking yourself, " are you serious right now where is this even coming from??" 
Now I'm that weird person that walks around in stores singing. Except I'm singing "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus." Sometimes we get weird looks, but you know what they say, "ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

Also I just have a real fast question for ya'll. (especially my family). 
Because if you did I will probably have to kill you. Why did I not know this was an issue my whole entire life until now?? Almost every single night I do weird crap in my sleep, serious!!. (like having conversations with my companion, laughing, crying, taking sheets off my bed, getting ready at 2 AM. Its definitely a problem.) 
The other night I woke my companion up because I was praying out loud in SPANISH (whooo) and I was praying specifically for one of our investigators! How cute, right??? I know I may not have been aware of what I was saying, but I'm sure Heavenly Father appreciated it mucho.
But that is not all, the other night one of the sisters we live with made brownies to take to one of their investigators the next day. Okay but she couldn't take them because guess why????   I ATE THEM IN MY SLEEP. She heard me in the middle of the night so she got up and asked me what I was doing.  I told her I was going to hike coyote mountain. Is that even a place? idk.  Apparently I needed to eat brownies while I hiked??

Anyways, so on a more serious note. Last week we were biking home pretty late at night and we biked past one of our members houses (ironically the one that called our investigators to repentance) and he waved us down and then introduced us to one of his friends who is SUPER interested in knowing more about the gospel. Miracle Moment!!! Love them!

On Saturday all of our plans fell through so we decided we would start knocking doors at this apartment complex. We ended up finding this super awesome family to teach! It's a mom and her three kids (who by the way are all old enough to get baptized) they just moved here from California, and they are looking for a church to go to! We have another appointment set up with them in a couple days, so i'll let you know how that goes!

We have this one investigator named Ariana who is supes cool. She is married, but I have this feeling that her husband is a BIG punk. It's really hard for us to find her and she has told us how they are having problems. it's really sad, but she is really interested because she wants to find peace in her life. BOOM. She'll get baptized. If we can figure out what the heck is up with her husband. 
Anyways, so we had a lesson with her a couple days ago and it went real well. She speaks english too, so sometimes we kind of speak English with her, which is so confusing.  Let me just say idk why?  But at the end my companion asks me to pray so I say,  oh yeah sure! Well I start saying the prayer and about 2.5 second into praying I realize that I am speaking english! Do you know how bad this is? I have not said a prayer in english for 3 months! So let me just try to demonstrate to the best of my abilities what my prayer sounded like:
"Dear Heavenly Father....(this is when I realize "oh crap I am speaking english right now").. We thank you for this opportunity to be here with Ariana, and we are so grateful We are grateful for Jesus. And we are grateful for...... the... ....Holy ghost.......................... (at this moment I am holding my breath trying the hardest I have ever tried not to laugh.) Then I look at my companion secretly and she has her face covered with her hands trying not to laugh too. Then all of a sudden all three of us burst out laughing. It was so funny. So I made my companion pray because there was no way I could stop laughing. 
So she starts praying and then out of no where we are all laughing AGAIN. We took a few minutes to breath and finally on the third try we could complete a prayer. 

Yesterday was Sunday and guess what that means... CHURCH.. and guess what else that means.. We had to speak in Sacrament Meeting! I was so freaking scared but I did it. WHOO. My heart was basically beating right out of my chest. I talked about missionary work and having faith hope charity and love. It went pretty well! And Blanca and Alex came to church (ps his name is actually alex not manuel. srry) anyways, i like to think they came for themselves, but it might have been just to hear me speak. Either way they are one step closer to salvation!!
That night they took us to eat with them at one of their friend's houses. We were all excited, yay free food! We basically drove out to Mexico and ate the most real Mexican food I have ever eaten. It was awesome. 
Blanca and Alex are seriously so awesome. i really think they are getting closer to baptism. The only problem is that they are not married and for some reason they don't want to get married!! So that is our only obstacle with them. But hopefully we can work through that real fast! I love them!

So yeah, things are going pretty dang good here! Me and Sister Thomas have SO much fun, I love it. We are half way through this transfer already! I am so scared because I do not want to leave all the people here! But i have this really bad feeling that I will be leaving next transfer..
But this transfer we have been trying specifically to be EXACTLY obedient. It's really not too hard, but so far we have seen so many miracles and so many blessing already. I know that the Lord really does help us and bless us when we keep the commandments and try our best! This church is true!!

les amo mucho!!
Hermana Johnson 

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