Monday, July 14, 2014

06.23.2014 Email

Como estannn familia? espero que esten muy, MUY bien!!!
Arizona is doing so awesome right now. I am dying because of the heat... sometimes a little worried of maybe getting a heat stroke but it's okay because I haven't gotten one yet! But for reals, please someone remind me why i was so excited to come to 115 degree weather. WHY? no se. 

This was a really sad week because we lost our car! We have been riding around on our bikes all the days and it is horrible and amazing at the same time. On one hand it is so hard because it is hot and I am all sweaty and gross and i have basically given up any hope of what my hair and face look like. But on the OTHER hand, I am getting super tan and might end up coming home Mexican. 

Not that much different has happened this week than last week though! We are still having a hard time getting any of our investigators to start progressing. We spend almost all day sometimes just trying to track our investigators down!! They must know we're coming and all go on vacation for a couple days, AT THE SAME TIME. Super frustrating. Blanca and Manuel are still super good though. We helped Blanca this week finish cleaning up their yard and getting ready for their sons birthday party. I love being over at their house! Blanca is so cute and so nice and their whole family is super awesome! Their kids are like for real, CRAZY. But really cute so it's okay. We're hoping we will be able to take them to the visitors center this week and talk about eternal families, hopefully they will realize the importance of being married in the temple! 

So I know every week I have like this crazy story about cops and stuff. But I SWEAR it's true! Crazy stuff happens to us all the time! So this week our district leader told us of these "really awesome apartments" that are "really PACKED with Spanish work" that we should go to. So we were thinking yay, awesome we'll go! So we go. Okay turns out there is like absolutely no Spanish work at all there. Every single door we knocked spoke english. So we're like awesome, thanks Elder! Then we knock on this one door and this lady opens it like super fast and we're like hi we're missionaries from the church, etc. then she's says, sorry this is a model home and I'm in the middle of a tour right now. (super awkward and also she was super rude) so we go to the next door and were about to knock but then the lady comes out and shuts the door and she starts yelling at us! Guys i am not kidding you like she was so freaking mad and I don't know why, like we are just trying to share the love ya know? But long story short she told us we better get out or she will call the cops on us and they will arrest us! Like are you serious woman, the cops are not going to arrest two 20 year old mormon missionaries for knocking doors! Anyways, thats my cop story this week. I know it's really not that exciting because no one actually did get arrest and there was no drugs and no one died. (BUT i was thinking, that would be really cool to get arrested on your mission right? Especially if all you were doing was knocking on doors) 

Anyways, this week we had Zone Conference! It was really good! I loved it all. My mission president is seriously the sickest mission president ever guys. I'm sorry but if you're on a mission and you think your mission president is the best ever, i hate to tell you but you are wrong! Our president is totally going to be a prophet someday, I'm just telling you now! So the work is definitely hastening right now. It's crazy how fast the church is growing and how many missionaries there are! Guess what, they are running out of room in the MTC's, so they are starting this new test thing with a few missions (ours being one of them) where they have a mentor come and teach you IN YOUR HOUSE everything you need to know before you leave for your mission. crazy huh? (and actually idk if I'm supposed to say that so... you didn't hear that from me.) But really, This work is so awesome, there are so many people coming on missions, there are so many ways to hear about and learn about our church, and there are so many people getting baptized! This is definitely the work of God. I am so glad that I am able to be a missionary right now! I know this church is true! and I am so glad to be sharing it with people here in Arizona!! 

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