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How is goin familia?? Sorry I got supes lazy with the subject this week. Plus I'm in a hurry okay? So this week was so awesome! I am going to be typing like crazy fast in order to get everything that happened this week! So don't hate on my spelling.

First thing first.  BED BUGS!!. Who even knew bed bugs were still a thing right? Well let me tell you. THEY ARE. They are real living creatures that will eat you alive, that live in your beds, that are scary and will haunt you at night. It's a true story. We got bed bugs this week and it was terrible! We had to put literally everything we own in garbage bags and move all of our furniture to the middle of the room so people could come spray. But wait that is not even the worst part. We have to put everything capable of going in the drier, in the drier because that is what kills bed bugs, THEN we still have to keep all of our stuff in garbage bags for about another two weeks apparently until dogs can come smell our house! There are so many bags and stuff everywhere because we have nothing to do with them!! You can definitely say I have increased anxiety every time we go home. I have never wanted to clean so bad! 

On a cool note. There was a freaking haboob this week guys. idk if i spelled that right but thats how it sounds so thats all that's important. A HABOOB!! Me and my companion were so excited because neither of us have ever experienced one before. YAY. The only problem was that we had a meeting to get to that night so we had two choices. We could either stay home and watch the storm from inside our messy cluttery house OR we could conquer the storm and make it to our meeting. Well of course we are going to choose to conquer the storm. It looked so cool in the sky so we are stopping to take pictures and everything, then we'd stop and admire how cool the sky is or how close it was getting to us every two seconds. Okay well we didn't realize that the storm could totally conquer US. So half way to our meeting we had to stop and hide out inside a CVS store for like an hour waiting for a ride. It was so cool though! I have never seen so much dirt in my life and I have never tasted or smelled so much dirt either! (pictures included).

So I just wanted to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH to Julie and Karlie for sending me an awesome 4th of July package!! I was so confused why I had this huge package waiting for me. Then when we opened it we were like WHAT!?! It was an awesome 4th of July! so thanks! We decorated our apartment with all these cute 4th of July stuff and we had a little miniature party that night. We were constrained to our apartment at 5 o'clock that night. So you can say we partayyed all night long. (missionary style obvs.) (and only until 10:30).

Okay this week I have had two very, VERY scary encounters with spiders. First, IN MY BED. right? Like bed bugs aren't enough! I was making my bed in the morning and when I pulled my covers up there was this little spider running across! gross! I probably slept with it all night. and just think if I would not have made my bed that morning. I will always make my bed in the morning from now on!

Second, We were getting in the car to go somewhere and as I got in the back seat I was leaning down to pick something up of the ground and I see this little white thing hangin in front of my face. I kind of thought that maybe it was just fuz or something so I kind of looked at it while it was still 2.5 centimeters away from my face. THEN i realized it was a spider dangling in front of my face! Okay not kidding, I have absolutely no idea how I jumped over my companion on the other side of the car, but i did. I guess what they say is true. I do have ninja reflexes. 

 Most of the time when we are eating at members houses I don't really know what is going on with the conversation, but I have really mastered the smile and nod thing. The other day we were eating and the members asked if any of us wanted more beans. But i don't know the word for beans so I didn't know what they were asking! My companion says, (in spanish) "Oh my companion loves beans! She wants some more!" Then they turn to me and say,  ya? So I look at my companion and shes nodding so I say,  "si?" then they come back with this HUGE bowl of beans. i was so mad. It was a really sad night.

Funny story number 2: Awhile ago when I was like very first new, we would see if we could help people in anyway and my companion started telling people that I love cleaning bathrooms and that I'm really good at it. But i didn't know that's what she was saying! So of course I agree with her. Then i realized what was happening and it was really funny. But now everyone in my district says that, so now I'm known as the missionary that loves cleaning bathrooms!  My mom taught me well!!
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